P40 Glass Fibre Blister Pack - 100ml
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P40 Glass Fibre Blister Pack - 100ml


P40 Glass Fibre Blister Pack - 100ml

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Product Information

Damaged bodywork and rust can be a car owners nightmare. You work hard to take good care of your vehicle but sometimes no matter what you do, damage to your bodywork is unavoidable. So the big question is do you opt for the expensive professional repairs or do you go about the repairs yourself? With a wide range of automotive repair and refinishing products UPol may just have an easy affordable solution.

With the ISOPON P.40 bridging compound you can quickly and easily make professional looking, permanent repairs. This 2K polyester bridging compound is reinforced with glass fibre, which is a material used widely across the car industry for its strength, and is suitable for use with all metals including galvanised steel. Provided with a hardening solution the compound is easy to use and sets hard quickly. Once set the repair will be fully watertight and ready for shaping and painting. Also suitable for filling and bonding wood, concrete, ceramics, brick and GRP; a simple solution to all your automotive repairing and DIY needs.

UPol - A world leader in automotive refinish products. Recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries, UPol are committed to providing their customers with nothing but products of the highest quality. With over 60 years of manufacturing and marketing experience within the industry UPol have built a solid reputation not only for their company; but also for their brand portfolio; and pride themselves on being at forefront of innovation within the market.

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