P38 Body Filler - 600ml
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P38 Body Filler - 600ml


P38 Body Filler - 600ml

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Product Information

However well you look after your car, there will always be one or two small dents or scratches in the bodywork. These may have been caused by flying stones, minor accidents or rusting. In order to repair these, as well as larger dents or accident damage, you will find Isopon P.38 invaluable as a car body filler and repair waste.

This Isopon P38 comes in a 600ml tin and includes hardener and a plastic applicator to help smooth the filler once applied. Can also be applied in the home. Consult the user guide before use.

U-POL is a world leader in automotive refinish products. Recognized globally with sales in over 100 countries, U-POL is committed to consistently providing customers with products of the quality professionals demand .

U-POLs heritage and experience of over 60 years in the industry, coupled with continued investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and reputation for innovation, ensures that your U-POL experience is nothing less than world class.

IncludesComes with applicator and hardener
Pack Size:600ml
SuitabilityAll metals including galvanised
UsesRepairs dents and scratches

Additional InfoEasy to use and sand

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