Toyota recalls cars in UK and Ireland

Toyota have today announced that the will be recalling around 1.9 million Prius cars worldwide which were manufactured between March 2009 and this February 2014, due to a fault that could cause the car to stop unexpectedly.

Around 31,000 UK registered cars and 700 Irish registered cars will be recalled by the company in order to upgrade the software “used to control the boost converter in the intelligent power module”. To me and you that simply means the control unit that powers the car at certain 'high load' times like accelerating from a standing start. This upgrade will all be carried out at no cost to the owner.

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The official statement from Toyota also added that "In limited cases, the hybrid system might shut down and the vehicle will stop, perhaps while being driven". While no accidents were reported of, about 11 cases of the fault were reported worldwide.

Despite the most recent recall, Toyota are still headed for a record profit year this fiscal year, driven by the weaker yen, however this recent recall will call into question it's 'Best Built Cars in the World' reliability statement!

Words by John Smyth, MicksGarage Marketing Guru! 

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