Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Árón Smith & Horizon launch signature watch range

Dublin, Ireland - Wednesday 20th August 2014: Multiple British Touring Car Championship race winner Árón Smith is delighted to announce the launch of his new Árón Smith Racing signature watch range in conjunction with Scottish sports watch makers, Horizon Watches.

The customised range that includes Árón's logo and signature has been developed to reflect Árón's relaxed, fit, fun and young attitude that he has become so well known for within the championship. For sale through Horizon's website at just £30.00, the watch is presented in a fully customised case featuring an image of Árón's debut podium for Team BMR at Oulton Park.

To celebrate the launch of this new range, please visit @DunlopBTCC on twitter andOfficial BTCC on Facebook for details of a series of competitions to be one of the first to get your hands on one of these new Árón Smith Racing special edition watches!
Árón Smith - #40 Chrome Edition Restart Racing Volkswagen Passat CC:
"I was delighted to welcome Horizon as one of our Brand Ambassador partners just before the season got under way. We always wanted to do something a bit unique and I'm so happy with what we've achieved. Launching my signature watch at Horizon's home circuit, Knockhill, is perfect and I'll be going out all guns blazing to put on a show for them."

Ben Connolly - Owner, Horizon Watches:
"We are extremely pleased about our partnership with Árón this season. We've been working away in the background for a while looking at doing something with the partnership that was unique and Árón's signature watch fits perfectly with what we wanted to achieve and with us as a brand."
"We're excited about the launch of Árón's signature watch and the remainder of what has been a pretty special season so far."

Motorist Killed by Kite

You might typically associate kite flying with warm sunny days and colourful imprints in the skies above a park or a beach however for one unfortunate family this couldn't be further from the truth. In India there is a hugely popular kite fighting sport whereby two kite fliers battle to cut the string of their opponents kite with their own kite string to be crowned the winner. The strings of these kites called "manja nool" have been gummed and covered with colourful powdered glass to give more competitive advantage.
One of these kite strings got tangled around and sliced the neck of a passing motorist while he was travelling on a motorcycle with his wife and child, in the city of Chennai. Sadly the motorist lost his life from the injuries he sustained. It is not the first recorded death from this kite fighting practice and there has also been countless injuries to people and birds which has subsequently led to a ban on kite flying in some of India's cities. 

Sources: autoblog,The Times of India

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New DUI Laws For Ireland?

In certain states of America such as California you may be required to have a car breathalyser or ignition interlock device fitted to your car if you are convicted of a DUI offence. Every time you want to start your car you must provide the device with a sample of your breath. If you exceed the blood alcohol limit the car won’t start and you must wait at least 15 minutes before you can give another sample. But what if you get someone else to provide a breath sample for you?...
Ignition Interlock Breathalyser Device
New legislation in Illinois has introduced the requirement for all breathalyser devices to be fitted with a camera to record who has started the car. “We want to make sure with this camera the right person is blowing into the tube,” said the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White. The device and its installation must be paid for by the person convicted of the DUI offence. Costs of installation vary from $50 - $200 and monthly fees could reach up to $100 per month. The length of time it must be fitted for depends on the State and varies from 90 days to 5 years.

When asked about the extra cost involved due to the device having a camera, she replied “It’s still less than the cost of a drink a day.”

Each time you provide a breath sample, it's recorded, whether you pass or fail and the data is shared with the relevant authority. There is also rolling tests where you can be required to provide a sample while you’re driving but it will give you time to pull over or you can provide the sample while driving. If you fail a rolling breath test the car won’t shut down.

The current penalties for DUI offences in Ireland are disqualification periods ranging from 1 to 6 years and this depends on whether it is their first offence and the level of alcohol detected in your breath. Could these devices save lives in Ireland?

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bugatti to Build The Last Ever Veyron; A 1500bhp Machine

Bugatti is a symbol of technology, power and engineering genius and it’s about to get even better. I find it hard to comprehend the specifications and abilities of supercars but the new Bugatti is going to be truly mind blowing. Who can forget when James May brought a Veyron to the Ehra-Lessien track and reached its top speed of 253mph. It made his eyes water and mine too (a little).  In fact, I just watched the video of it again and I got goose bumps. It was a moment where technology and engineering were pushed to their limits.

James May Driving the Bugatti Veyron
The new Bugatti is called Ettore Bugatti to commemorate the founder of the firm. The initial cars he produced were famous for their eloquent design, clever engineering and light weight frames. Little did he know that a car that’s capable of over 400km/h will be named after him. The design of the new Veyron will also pay tribute to one of the most famous Bugatti's ever made, the 1932 Type 41 Royale.

It will feature an updated version of the current 16 cylinder engine with hybrid technology and Bugatti are once again pushing the limits to produce a 1500bhp engine that's capable of a top speed of 408kmh. As this model will be one of the last Veyrons to be made, it comes with a price of €2.35 million. It will be revealed at the Quail Motorsports Gathering on August 17th at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Will someone take me there? Please!

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Smith set to remain at Team BMR for 2015

Dublin, Ireland – Wednesday 13th August 2014: Fresh from taking a lights to flag victory in race three at Snetterton, Irishman Árón Smith believes that this is only the beginning of an exciting journey in the British Touring Car Championship for the Dublin based race winner as he’s just signed a new contract with Warren Scott’s Team BMR. The deal, which runs until the end of 2015, will see Smith remain at the wheel of his Restart Racing Volkswagen Passat CC.

Smith joined the all-new look Team BMR early in 2014 along side former champion Alain Menu, team owner Warren Scott and Jack Goff. By just round twelve, Árón earned the team their maiden victory in the final race in Oulton Park. Adding a second race victory in Snetterton to his 2014 tally, Smith has clearly marked himself out as a driver firmly in a position to be a championship challenger in 2015 with the Buntingford based squad.

 Árón Smith - #40 Chrome Edition Restart Racing Volkswagen Passat CC:
“I couldn’t be happier with the news, I feel completely at home in Team BMR. This has all come about very early but its put us in a great position for next season, everything we achieve before the end of this year is an added bonus. I truly believe that this is only the beginning of our journey together and to say I’m excited to see what we can achieve is an understatement.”

Warren Scott - Team Owner, Team BMR:
"I’m also delighted to have signed up Árón for next season as we want to continue to build on the continuity and momentum we’ve gained so far."
“Everyone has done a fantastic job, particularly the team behind the scenes. Árón sees the progress we’ve made and we see the development and potential in him – now our expectations have been raised a little and we want to go further together."
“Árón has been consistently fast this season and has also shown his mettle under extreme pressure, like with his win at Snetterton, and I have been very impressed. It’s a real sign of a champion and for me it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ with Árón."

 “As a team we’re not just here to make up the numbers. I’m not saying we’re going to win the title next year but ultimately that is what we’re here to do in the future. We’re collecting a lot of data and experience this year, which can only help us to improve again in 2015, and in the years to come we want to be serious title contenders."
“It is therefore fantastic to have already re-signed a race-winner for our team next season. Árón is completely focused on the job and alongside the team will continue to work hard for success.”

Monday, 11 August 2014

Schumacher's Medical Files Theft Suspect Found Dead in his Cell

In July, a man was arrested on suspicion of stealing Michael Schumacher’s medical documents who subsequently offered them to the media for a fee of £40,000 (€50,000). The documents in question contained confidential information on the seven-time Formula One champion’s treatment and condition. The French prosecutors were able to track the IP address of the computer that was used in the theft. It was later released that the IP address led them to the Swiss Air-Ambulance company, Rega; the company involved in Schumacher’s transport to hospital after his accident.
Schumacher receives first aid by the French rescue team
The suspect was arrested and taken into custody for questioning by the police but denied any wrong doing. In the morning of his scheduled hearing before a judge he was found in his cell after committing suicide. The police have stated that there was no one else was involved in his death. CEO of Rega, Ernst Kohler said “We are deeply affected to learn ... that a Rega employee, taken into custody yesterday upon suspicion of violating professional secrecy, committed suicide in his cell,” No information on the man’s name, nationality or age have been released by the Zurich prosecutors office but they have expressed that the man should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

 Spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm
The spokeswoman for the Schumacher family, Sabine Kehm has said that the family are “at a loss for words and deeply shocked,” 

Schumacher’s accident happened on the 29th of December in Meribel where he sustained severe head injuries while skiing. In early July, Schumacher had reportedly shown some signs of improvement as he emerged from a medically induced coma. He was able to communicate to with his wife and children Gina-Maria, 17, and son Mick, 15, by way of eyelid movement. He remains in the Lausanne clinic but there has been no major press releases since he had emerged from his coma in June. 

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Engine Room Podcast - Episode 88

The Engine Room lads are still 'studioless' and so they record their very first episode in a car (in 31 degrees of heat!), an Opel Zafira Tourer to be exact. Dave tells us why he loves it and what he has been doing with it since he picked it up!

You can see more stuff from Dave MooreDave Humphreys & Steven Cooper by checking out The Engine Room Show Facebook page, Twitter and their very own website which you can find over here. They also do random things on YouTube!

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